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Negative Battery Cable

Product Guide & Information

Negative battery cable is used to connect the negative terminal of the car battery to the engine block and chassis of the vehicle.
positive battery cable

What's the difference between positive and negative cables?

Positive and negative battery cable are made for a specific connection between a vehicle and the car battery. Positive battery cable is usually red and generally larger, is used for providing power to the starter motor and electrical components in a vehicle. Negative battery cable is used for grounding the vehicle's electrical components.

Negative battery cable

Negative battery cable are usually black, labeled with a negative (-) sign, and consist of a large cable with one or more smaller wires branching out from the battery terminal side of the cable. The negative battery cable is bolted to the engine block of the vehicle, which provide grounding for the ignition system. The smaller branched out wires are attached to the chassis or body of the vehicle which provide a return path for the lighting system, and electrical components of a vehicle.

How to replace negative battery cable

Electrical components have to be grounded in order to create a return path for the electrons circular flow. When negative battery cable termination had been corroded, it can impede the electrons flow and prevent the engine from starting.

Note: For safety, you should always use a pair of gloves and goggles when dealing with a corroded battery. Battery acid can burn through cloths and damage your skin when come in contact.

The first step you might want to do is check to see whether you can replace the negative battery cable in your vehicle. You need to be able to trace the negative battery cable to engine block and other electrical components from where the smaller branched out wires are connected to. If you are unable to trace the wire or it is out of reach, you might want to have your mechanic replace it for you.

If you decide to do it yourself, begin by removing the rubber or plastic cap that is used to protect the terminal of the battery. Angle your position away from the positive terminal and loosen the clamp with a wrench.

Twist the cable back and forth while lifting the cable off of the battery post. Once the cable terminal is detached from the battery post, place it away from the battery.

Trace the smaller wires branching out from the battery terminal and detach them first. Once the smaller wires are detached, trace the larger wire to where it is bolted on the engine block and unbolt it. At this point, all the wires from the negative battery cable should have been unbolted and you should be able to remove the negative battery cable from the vehicle.

negative battery cable
negative battery cable

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