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DC Power Cable

Product Guide & Information

DC power cable only depends on the device or equipment you are trying to power.
dc power cable

What is DC power cable?

dc power cable

Though DC power cable itself is perfectly capable of carrying both AC and DC, the label "DC power cable" may highlight the fact that every digital device runs on DC power. For example, the "0's" and "1's" in computer programming simply represent two distinct states, and these states can be based on any number of things including voltage, current, polarization (+ or -), etc. Thus, digital devices require DC voltages in order to represent "0" and "1" signals used in computers because DC voltages are fixed and relatively stable compared to AC voltages that are constantly changing and reversing directions.

Whether you are using AC or DC power only matters for the device or equipment you are trying to power and makes no difference to the conductor. Sometimes the automotive battery cable used in cars is also called DC power cable, since batteries can only generate DC power.

dc power cable

The amp ratings for DC power cable depend, like any other cable, on the cable's length and gauge. Longer or thinner DC power cables have higher resistances than shorter or thicker cables, so they will generate more heat as the amps increase. See 0 gauge cable for more information on how wire gauge and length affects DC power cable ampacity.

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