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Car Battery Cables Flexibility

Product Guide & Information

How flexible are car battery cables? Learn how strand counts directly affect the flexibility of the car battery cables.
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How flexible are car battery cables?

car battery cables
car battery cables

How flexible are car battery cables? Car battery cables are stranded to provide some flexibility, but since these cables don't need to really move once they are set, flexibility is often not that big of a concern. Compared to other types of cable where it is much more important to have flexible cable that can be sharply bent and twisted for long periods of time without any damage, car battery cables are stiffer and have lower strand counts.

Stranded wire means that the conductor is made from multiple strands of thinner wires bundled together.

The cross-sectional area of a stranded cable depends on the size of each wire strand, so stranded wire ratings have additional information. A battery cable sized at 6 AWG 133/27 has a total cross-sectional area of 6 AWG with 133 strands of 27 AWG wire.

What are typical strand counts of car battery cables?

Of the three types of car battery cables commonly used (SGT, SGX, and STX) SGX has the highest strand count. SGX car battery cables sized from 1/0 to 4/0 AWG have strand counts comparable to welding cable, over 1,000 strands, while SGT and STX have much lower strand counts (e.g. 6 AWG car battery cables made with 133 strands is common).

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